We provide several medical care programs that suit you and your family in which you can find the services you need that require outstanding medical care. Since your health is your wealth, we focus on implementing preventive healthcare and the early detection of diseases to help you and your family to live a protective and healthy life.

Medicare Doctors' Services For The Primary Healthcare :

Medicare Doctors' Services For The Primary Healthcare: The Medicare doctor of the primary healthcare is highly efficient and available inside all the hospitals that are in a partnership with Medicare and is considered your doctor who offers you a variety of medical care. Some of the most important services provided by the Medicare doctor are preventive healthcare, examining the patients, prescribing the medicine, directing the cases to the consultants, requiring tests, saving a medical file for each patient, entering and following the patients to the internal departments of the hospitals, and resolving the administrative issues.

Outpatient Clinic Services:

Our different programs are flexible and free to choose, so you can choose from the programs that include outpatient clinic services that cover the consultants' services along with diagnostic tests, medical procedures and all other services.

Interior Sections Services:

If it's required to enter the hospital's internal section, Medicare will provide you with excellence and comfort during your treatment period by staying in a single room and covering surgical operations, intensive care accommodation, and hospital consultant services including all necessary tests and treatments during the patient's stay.

Critical Cases:

Pre-existing critical cases are covered after the subscription to the Medicare program NOT before it. Some of the covered critical cases are cancer treatment, heart surgeries, and cardiology catheterization and neurosurgery and spine surgeries

Pregnancy & Childbirth:

Reproduction is now inexpensive with Medicare, as we cover pregnancy and delivery at all stages through pregnancy coverage, separate coverage of vaginal delivery along with cesarean delivery.

Emergency Services:

In-life threatening situations, you need to go directly to the emergency department, get the full service and all you need to do is just showing up your Medicare card without prior approval or notifications. Moreover, the ambulance services if it's needed. With Medicare card, you are in full safety.

Doctors' Fees:

With Medicare, all the doctors' fees are covered in the cases of internal residency, surgeons, assistants, anesthesiologist, consultants, emergency doctors, and consultant fees in the outpatient clinics.

Service Providers' Network:

Added to the quality of our services, we also provide them through the biggest medical network of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, pharmacies which are available throughout the governorates of Egypt which we are not only proud of their expanding, but also the quality of the service providers we deal with and carefully chosen. Furthermore, we always update our database to ensure the quality level of the provided services that we use to.

Customer Service & Subscribers Support:

Our customers are our core of interest, so we support our subscriber through a sophisticated customer service center to answer all your questions and to eliminate all the obstacles you might face.