Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility towards our community

A nation wide journey with responsibility

Whenever people need healthcare to stay healthy or to get well, Medicare wants to be there. We’re in business to discover, develop and deliver new healthcare programs to people across Egypt. This is our most important contribution to our nation at large. But we know this alone is not enough. How we do our work matters just as much as what we do

In this spirit, Medicare prioritizes its role in the larger community and works to ensure tangible results in spreading our mission of health and wellness across the country. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts for better public education and health awareness, transparency in our partnerships and philanthropy where needed most.

Our relationships with stakeholders are fundamental to improving our corporate responsibility efforts. Engagement with Medicare’s stakeholders helps us understand the larger context and impact of our operations.

We operate with a stakeholder model that helps Medicare in reaching the communities , where it can make a difference.

Our stakeholders in corporate social responsibility over the past 20 years include:
  • - Nile Badrawi for Education and Development Foundation
  • - Dreamers of Tomorrow Association
  • - Fathet Kheir Association volunteers for development
  • - Sharkas Association for Social Services
  • - Women Association for Better Health
  • - Women and Infants Health Association

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