About us

So far along our journey with yet so much to achieve; this is precisely the prevalent sentiment pulsating throughout the entire Medicare organization. Since our inception in 1989, Medicare has managed to overcome tremendous challenges within the local healthcare system, from managing public perception to sustaining quality service measures and standards across the bar. Today, after succeeding in establishing the first Health Maintenance Organization in Egypt Medicare mission and vision are clearly set and marked in the near horizon.

Our Road Map

We here at Medicare can clearly visualize where we are headed in our extended journey to spreading wellness across Egypt.

Our Vision:

Become the industry leader committed to planning, managing, delivering and continuously improving the quality of healthcare services provided to our subscribers and to the community at large

Our Mission:

To promote the health and wellness of our customers and the communities we

serve, through accessible, cost-effective and quality health care practices.

Our Values

Quality: Our services will meet the highest standards available in the industry. We will constantly benchmark our processes and services against best practices.

Integrity: We will keep our promises to our customers, employees and shareholders.

Customer service: We will provide services that widely cover our customers’ diverse and evolving needs for health and wellness programs; our customers being our service providers, employees, existing and potential subscribers.

Innovation: We will continually design new programs and we will constantly seek new and better ways for carrying-out our operations.

People Focus: We will connect with our people at all levels, treat them with respect and implement practices that foster excellent performance of our human resources.

Technology: We will use the best available and appropriate technology, which will play an integral role in our quest for continuous improvement

Defining our Motto: PPC

What is PPC and how it became  the backbone to everything we do here at Medicare? PPC stands for Personalized Professional Care. We truly believe that striking the right balance between our two P’s is our key competitive advantage in the Egyptian market.

Healthcare to us, at Medicare, is more than just a job. It’s more than creating a systemized approach to tackling healthcare in Egypt. Healthcare to everyone at Medicare is a personal matter. Because we deal with our subscribers on a one to one basis almost everyday and along the entire healthcare process from primary to secondary to tertiary level of care as needed, we have a personal vested interest in enhancing  our professional process to be a true representation of  superior quality.

From this very motto, Medicare basis it’s entire health maintenance system, by relying on bringing back the primary care physician. otherwise known as the family doctor to monitor, advice and consult on health care issues early and accordingly guide the patient to the secondary and tertiary levels of care. Through this family doctor or primary care physician, our doctors become a confidant, and a personal friend to the family taking the patient(s) best interest into consideration for treatment, hence ensuring early diagnosis and prompt treatment of patients.

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