We offer flexible medical programs that suit all your different needs. Since we believe that the human resources are the foundation and success of your organization, we seek to provide the best health care services that help to build a healthy environment for the employees which leads to the growth and prosperity of your business and its success. After twenty-five years of success and confidence between Medicare and its customers, we have been still working on developing our services for companies in order to permanently achieve success and for a better society. Below is a review of the most important and the frequently asked questions which help you to understand our policies on our corporate programs and their flexibility.
What is the difference between corporate programs and individual programs?
Corporate programs are carefully selected medical services that meet your company needs and management; therefore, all the found features in the individual programs are found in the corporate programs. For more information about the advantages of the individual programs, please click here
What is the maximum age limit for subscribers?
The age must not exceed the fifty-nine years to be entitled to Medicare program subscription.
Is it possible for an employee and his/her family to subscribe?
Yes, it is possible for an employee and his/her family to subscribe.
Can the subscription be at any time of the year?
Yes, it can be at any time of the year.
How many employees can subscribe to Medicare medical care services?
• 60 individuals at least with no limit. However, if they are less than 60, it will be considered as one of the individual programs. You can select one of the individual programs of Medi-U, Plus, or Premium. For more information, please click here.
Can several different programs be specified to the same company?
Yes, this can be done to benefit all the employees according to the nature of their work and their needs.
Can a Medicare primary care physician be available inside the company?
Medicare can provide a primary care physician for your company or factory. This depends on your need for this service, its availability, and the area in which your factory or company is located.
Can the amount of chronic disease coverage be allocated?
Yes, it is possible. As mentioned above, the difference between individual and corporate programs is the flexibility and possibility of allocating the program to meet your needs. Are the critical cases covered? Yes, the critical cases are covered; however, in order to cover critical cases, the disease must be caused to the patient after subscribing to a Medicare program and NOT before that.
Does the service cover eye surgeries?
The ophthalmic surgeries are included in medical coverage for the therapeutic surgeries only, NOT for correction of refractive errors. In general, the eyeglasses are NOT included in the coverage, while you can customize the program to contain coverage of eye examination for the medical glasses and the prescription of glasses for a specific amount.
Does the service cover the medical glasses?
Yes, eye examination for the medical glasses is covered. Regarding the prescription of glasses, the programs can be customized for your company to cover it.
Does the service cover dental services?
• As mentioned above, the program can be customized for your company with all the required services you need.
Is the emergency included in the services that the patient needs to share a proportion of its amount?
No, the customer does not need to pay any money for the emergency services. The calculated proportion is only applied in the outpatient clinics, tests, medicines, and dental services, as shown on the Medicare card.
Can a Medicare representative be sent to give a presentation on all services?
Yes, we can send a representative of Medicare to present our services in details to your company officials.