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So far along our journey with yet so much to achieve; this is precisely the prevalent sentiment pulsating throughout the entire Medicare organization. Since our inception in 1989, Medicare has managed to overcome tremendous challenges within the local healthcare system, from managing public perception to sustaining quality service measures and standards across the bar. Today, after succeeding in establishing the first Health Maintenance Organization in Egypt Medicare mission and vision are clearly set and marked in the near horizon....

Live Well

how to protect your skin

Natural Medicine

Protect your skin against dryness and wrinkles in winter withcertain foods that help keeping your skin healthy, smooth andwrinkle-free as tomatoes, carrots, guava, edamame, broccoli,spinach, pumpkin,and fish rich in omega-3.

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Workout and exercises

Regular physical exercise is beneficial for your health, strengthensyour muscles, improves your mood and sleep and preventsthe occurrence of certain chronic diseases.Half an hour of brisk walking or running for quarter of an hourdaily is

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Corporate  Programs

Specially designed healthcare programs , The realization that people are your backbone to success allows us here at Medicare to carefully plan out the best means of ensuring your employees wellness. By offering a hassle free, effective and efficient healthcare services we allow your employees to worry less about their security and more on achieving their goals. We guarantee that setting health maintenance  care  as corporate  policy leads to lower turnover , minimal sick leaves and inevitably a healthier  positive corporate culture

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